Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Transbot future changes.

A lot of idea have been floating around the last few days on how to proceed with transbot. It is obvious that the code needs quite a bit of tweaking and cleaning up before we can think about adding onto the project. The difficult part is that there is so many directions we can take to remodel the design. The current method is using an event driven system that uses irc events generated from a python IRC API called irclib. This is not a bad approach, but many of the event handlers need to be cleaned up if this approach is picked.

Another big change is the google translate API's flexibility to detect the source language effectively. The current version of transbot does not take advantage of this which will lead to more flexibility. In a situation where the bot was translating for a channel that contained multiple languages this approach will allow the bot to still effectively translate. Under the current implementation the bot would only be able to translate the language that the channel was currently set to.

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