Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Transbot Community Testing Needed

Transbot Updates
Transbot is now in its first version stable enough for community testing! The team is looking for help testing out transbot for bugs and feedback. Check out the following two dedecated channels on:

irc.freenode.net: #transbot-test-en, #transbot-test-es

An instance of the lastest version of transbot is present in both channels. It is set up to forward any activity from one channel to the other, translating respectively.

How you can help
Right now what the transbot team needs most is community feedback. To be brief we need help with: identifying bugs, testing usability, and knowing what the community wants for further functionality.

Our wiki test page will be updated frequently describing exactly what type of feedback we need as well as how to submit it. If there is any problems with the page any feedback, comments or suggestions can be sent to mrt8449@rit.edu or tjr1351@rit.edu.

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