Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hackfest @ RIT

Hackfest @ RIT
This last Friday, the transbot team went to the HOSS hackfest at RIT. This was a great chance for anyone on campus to show up with very specific goals to accomplish for their open source projects and get get help from the local community.

Bug Squash
In the transition to a default .ini file, we kept having strange problems where a lot of what was added to the .ini was not being saved some of the time and was never able to be accessed. After test every possible scenario, we were about to give in the towel. What eventually lead to finding out the problem was opening the .ini file in an IDE with syntax highlighting. What was happening was that when the irc channel was being stored, the '#' character was making the entire line into a comment. Simply removing it and adding it again when it is accessed solved the error.

New Updates
Transbot has some new features added to it:
  • Support for standard .ini config file
  • In channel commands
  • Saving/Removing default channels
  • various bugs fixed
  • Soon to be packaged in an rpm.

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